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Data Science and Analytics

We have a deep understanding of advanced data analysis and data science, the team is both efficient and pragmatic when providing holistic, but best fit solutions to tackle the problem we are presented with.

Never mind complicated AI, and machine learning buzzwords, we don’t fall into the trap of “let’s call this AI because it sounds good” - we use the right tools for the job. That means that our Data Science team has the expertise to know what tools to deploy when. 

Statistical Analysis and Insight

High value insights can only be accurately quantified and qualified by statistical computations. Providing insights, or predictions become irrelevant if this cannot be quantified in terms of error margin. We deploy statistical techniques to provide certainty in the algorithms and models we develop allowing clients to be confident in the results. 


We also provide general consultancy in statistical analysis across a range of environments including data, hospitality, technology and finance.

Decision Making Strategy & Optimization

The effective quantification of risk, is both critical to business success but is often a very complex challenge. Strategic decision making with a scientific viewpoint decreases business risk, and provides sound objective reasoning allowing for optimal decision making which leads to the most effective and efficient solution. 

The same goes for optimisation - a key attribute for any company to consider when operating at scale. We have experience with solving problems such as optimal execution of the oil and gas sector, and advanced optimisation modelling in the pharmaceutical industry. There are many optimisation and OR related problems we provide specialised consultancy in including but not exclusive to, sustainability, waste reduction, supply chain optimisation and logistics, transportation and others. In these sectors we have experience consulting on NP type problems. 

Mathematical Modelling and Computational Simulation

The development of systems and production ready scientific insight is undoubtedly useful. Unique to Sigma Solutions, our lead consultants are not only pioneers of mathematical and physical models but also the technical consultancy. Our consultants have expertise in a range of industry projects from nanotechnology, to fluid mechanics all the way to climate analysis and sustainability. 


Our consultants are also embedded within academia drawing on expertise from experimental development and deployment of computational models into both industrial and academic projects. 

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