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We use the power of mathematics, data and science to find the right solutions to ensure business thrives. 

Our unique consulting services cover a range of disciplines including, mathematical modelling and simulation, statistical modelling, operational research and advanced optimisation. 

We offer "The Complete Package", bespoke and tailored to your companies requirements. We understand your industry, we are technical and scientific experts, and we build complete solutions, ready to deploy and use.

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Senior Management Team

A strong team of professionals with a combined experience of over 30 years. 

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Chief Executive 

Chief Scientific Officer

Luthais has been working as an industrial consultant in the field of applied mathematics for the last decade: an experienced entrepreneur with a background applied mathematics and physics. He began his career working in mathematical oncology developing mathematical models to better understand cancer tumour proliferation and how this leads to metastatic growth. Following a short spell in academia, he made his mark in industry solving optimisation and predictive modelling problems in a range of sectors.


He went on to develop a series of mathematical models looking at reducing drag for optimal fluid transport to developing predictive models in the energy sector which increased company profits 10x and reduced trading losses. His experience and achievements led him to become an RSS Fellow in 2020.


For the past 5 years, Luthais has lead teams and advised companies at management and board level on advanced scientific problems such as price prediction and trading, fluid flow optimisation, scientific and technology strategy, and operational infrastructure. He has also contributed to building technology containing IP and increasing company valuations with such technologies and mathematical models.  Luthais has held positions such as Lead Scientist, Lead Data Scientist and Chief Research Officer across a range of companies advising as a member of the Board or Senior Management Team.

He is also Chair of the UK Mathematical & Theoretical Physics Committee at the IOP and a Member of the Environmental Physics Committee at the IOP. 


In his role as Chief Scientific Officer, he oversees all scientific and technical output of the business. Regarding his Chief Executive commitments, he is responsible, while working closely with other members of management, the secure and sustainable growth of the business.

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Chief Operating Officer


Sigma Solutions is excited to be hiring for a new Chief Operations Officer. 

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