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Machine Learning (ML), predictive modelling, and data analytics are already revolutionizing many industries.

Our support can help you leverage data science and machine learning capabilities to improve the accuracy of rig placement, reduce cost and accelerate production, improve flow and reduce loss in pipelines, reduce burn off in transit, and achieve the best price in trading commodities.

Give your organisation a competitive edge with analytical modelling that could help you meet the growing demand for alternative fuels. Effectively draw insight from data shared across multiple commercial partners, suppliers, and governments, increasing efficiency and helping to reduce costs.


The application and discovery of mathematical models to replicate geophyiscal, petrophysical, and dynamic fluid processes; driving prediction, planning and evaluation of preventive and control measures.


Investigate how relationships between a system's parts give rise to its collective behaviours and how the system interacts and forms relationships with its environment.


Reviewing and adjusting components of a process (inputs, outputs, controls, procedures, actors, applications, data, technologies) and their interactions to produce better results.


Multivariate analysis, supporting
refinement of R&D approaches, early
identification of defects in research
methods, cost benefit analysis, and risk

How to apply this?

Our capabilities have already been deployed to solve complex issues in oil & gas.

  • Seismic data quality enhancement

  • Improved reservoir characterization and assessment

  • Improved data integration

  • Wellbore loss mitigation

  • Pipeline integrity and loss analytics

  • Reduction of gas flaring

  • Maximisation of LNG cargo/capacity

  • Energy trading, shipping analytics and predictive modelling

  • Infrastructure security and monitoring

  • Piracy risk analysis

  • Health & safety end-to-end modelling and system analysis

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